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Feng Shui for Love & Money

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Feng Shui for Love & Money

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Feng Shui for Love & Money Product Description:

Money can’t buy you love, but feng shui can help with both.

This feng shui guide from bestselling author Clear Englebert offers easy to-follow advice for promoting prosperity and attracting and enhancing. Feng Shui for Love & Money includes real-life examples and simple illustrations throughout the book to aid in visualizing potential feng shui problem situations and understanding how to place objects for maximum effect. Englebert specializes in offering multiple solutions that are easy to implement and can complement any decor style; many clever fixes are even meant to be hidden from view, but still retain their impact. Intention is a powerful tool for strengthening feng shui corrections; to state your intention, you must know why you are employing a fix, and Englebert is careful to explain the rationale behind each suggestion.

Availability 19 August 2015
Category Spirituality & Religion
Page Count 124 pages
Publisher Watermark Publishing
Printed in USA

Publish Date August 2015
Dimensions 8.0” x 5.0” x 0.30”
Author Clear Englebert
About the Author Clear Englebert has taught feng shui in Hawaii and California and consults on homes, gardens and commercial spaces throughout the Islands. He has been featured on television and in a variety of print media and has published three previous feng shui titles for a national audience, Feng Shui Demystified, Bedroom Feng Shui and Feng Shui for Retail Stores. He has also written Feng Shui for Hawaii and Feng Shui for Hawaii Gardens, with special attention paid to the particular feng shui problems found in Island homes and solutions geared toward Hawaii-style homes and décor.

Binding Softcover
ISBN 13 9781935690719

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