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Hawaii's Joke Book for Kids

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Hawaii's Joke Book for Kids

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Hawaii's Joke Book for Kids Product Description:

Did you hear they passed a law against laughing out loud in Hawai‘i?
Now you can only give a low ha.

Why didn’t the passengers receive flowers when their plane landed in Hawai‘i?
Their flight was de-lei-ed.

How do you get a surfer to school on time?
Tell him the waves are small.

Not only is Hawai‘i a beautiful place to live and visit, with gorgeous weather, breathtaking scenery, and endless outdoor adventures, it’s got plenty of things that will make you laugh. For those kids whose funny bones are itching to be tickled, Hawai‘i’s Joke Book for Kids will make them laugh, giggle, and groan. The joke-telling phase in a kid’s childhood is the best phase as they discover puns, word play, irony, sarcasm, and absurdity. Heard the same knock-knock joke too many times? This book is for you. Complete with 400 jokes and TRIVIA about the Hawaiian Islands, Hawai‘i’s Joke Book for Kids is the perfect gift for kama‘āina kids and visiting kids who are ready to bombard their family and friends with some island-inspired jokes

Page Count 128 pages
Folded Size  8.5 x 5"
Binding softcover
Jon J Murakami
Publish Date 2024
Publisher Printed in South Korea
ISBN 13 978-1-949000-34-4

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