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The Hawaiian Horse

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The Hawaiian Horse

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The Hawaiian Horse Product Description:

By exploring all things equine, from prehistoric origins to the present, The Hawaiian Horse illuminates the contributions of the horse to transportation, freight service, and agronomy in the industries of ranching, sugar, pineapple, taro, rice and coffee production in Hawaii.  Comprehensive and deliberate, the book shows the evolution of the equine species – horse, mule, and donkey – as beasts of burden, for recreational pleasure, or as highly regarded competitive mounts.

Beginning with the colorful introduction of the species, with its conquistador roots, and a history of the vaquero in Hawaiian cowboy culture, the authors take the reader on a journey through time, encountering along the way Hawaiian  royalty, elegant pa’u riders in flowing gowns, horse racing, polo, rodeo, and the military’s influence during both world wars.  Novice and experienced equestrians will marvel at the development of the distinctive Hawaiian saddle, described with explicit detail and illustration of its artistry, production, and utility.

Unique in their perspective, the authors’ depth of knowledge makes this volume a fitting tribute to the Hawaiian horse and the people involved in its advancement, elevating the noble animal to the stature it rightfully deserves in the history of Hawaii.

Dr. Billy Bergin established  the first private large-animal  veterinary hospital on the Big  Island of Hawaii and served as chief veterinarian at Parker Ranch from 1970 to 1995.

Dr. Brady Bergin, owner of Aina Hou Animal Hospital in Kamuela,  Hawaii, has led humanitarian  campaigns in support of the equine species and authored publications on equine health.

Category Hawaiian History Books
Page Count 351 pages
Publisher University of Hawaii Press
Publish Date March 2017
Dimensions 9.50” x 8.25” x 1.25”
Author Dr. Billy Bergin and Dr. Brady Bergin
Binding Hardcover
ISBN 13 96780824837440

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