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A Hiker’s Guide to Trailside Plants in Hawai‘i

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A Hiker’s Guide to Trailside Plants in Hawai‘i

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A Hiker’s Guide to Trailside Plants in Hawai‘i Product Description:

From arid coastal plains to chilly cloud forests, Hawai‘i is home to an astonishing range of flora. Many of our plant species, like the regal koa and hardy silversword, can be found nowhere else in the world!

Knowing how to identify these plants, and learning their historical uses and associated legends will greatly enrich your hiking experience. In A Hiker’s Guide to Trailside Plants, author John B. Hall introduces you to many of the plants– both native and non-native – that you are likely to encounter on Hawai‘i’s trails.

For easy reference, plants in this handy book have been divided into the following climatic zones: Coastal, Dry Forest, Mesic Forest, Wet Forest, and Alpine. Each colorcoded zone is further subdivided into Herbs, Shrubs, Trees, Vines, Ferns, and Miscellaneous. Along the way, the author points out notable features leaf shape, flower color, and even taste – that will help you identify each plant.

Availability August 2008
Category Guide and Travel Books
Page Count 240 pages
Publisher Mutual Publishing
Printed in Korea
Publish Date August 2008
Dimensions 5.0" x 8.0" x 0.6"
Author John B. Hall
About the Author John B. Hall has explored Hawai‘i’s trails for more than 40 years. After obtaining his PhD in Biochemistry at the University of California, Berkeley, he went on to become Assistant Professor if Biochemistry at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa, and later a Professor of Microbiology. A life member of both the Hawaiian Botanical Society and the Hawai‘i Audubon Society, he has also led tours into the Honouliuli Forest Reserve as a docent for the Nature Conservancy and has served on the Citizens Advisory Council in the Hawai‘i State Division of Lands and Natural Resources unit.
Binding Softcover
ISBN 10 1566478723
ISBN 13 978-15-6647-872-4

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