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Absolute Maui

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Absolute Maui

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Absolute Maui Product Description:

Those who live on Maui and those who visit share a common bond: they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Some love the beaches, some the mountains, some the ocean, some the weather. Others cherish the unique island lifestyle: friendly, fun-loving, big-hearted, active, and healthful. And all appreciate the island’s diversity.

The numerous qualities that make Maui unique and universally beloved are captured by the striking images in Absolute Maui. There is a Maui only the sun, the stars and the birds could see until recently—an aerial perspective of rugged cliffs, surffringed reefs, hidden waterfalls, and eroded mountain tops. There is a Maui from a walker’s perspective, showing misty ocean coves, palmshaded beaches, dramatic overlooks, smoldering sunsets, and storybook skies vivid with rainbows. There is a nature lover’s Maui, depicted in images of tiny insects, birds and mountain plants, a dazzling array of trees and tropical flowers, as well as seals, great whales, and sea creatures that live hundreds of fathoms deep. (Some of the photos are as rare as their subjects.)

Absolute Maui reveals what is “absolute” about the island: perfect moments frozen in time, breathtaking shots, scenic moods and feelings. Viewed as a collection, they form a composite portrait of the island as seen by those best able to capture it visually: its foremost contemporary photographers.

Availability October 2015
Category  Pictorials Book
Page Count 210 pages
Publisher Mutual Publishing
Printed in China
Publish Date October 2015
Dimensions 12.0" x 10.0” x 0.5"
Author Tom Stevens
Photography Douglas Peebles and others
Binding Hardcover
ISBN 13 978-19-3948-753-7

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