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Aloha -What it means to My Ohana and Yours

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Aloha -What it means to My Ohana and Yours

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Aloha -What it means to My Ohana and Yours Product Description:

Aloha has become a universal word heard around the world. But what does this word really mean beyond the greeting we so often hear? This is the story of the lessons of one Hawaiian woman’s upbringing on the island of Kauai. The lessons as taught to her by her parents and all the generations before them instill love, harmony and respect for each other and the community; to benefit the people as a whole. These are basic human values that we strive to achieve ourselves and teach our children to help generate peace, love and acceptance for each other around the world.

The cultural and historical portions of this book teach about the Hawaiian people and their values. It reminds us about the importance of preserving values and traditions within all cultures worldwide for each generation. Every child, every person can benefit from the simple, yet beautiful lessons of Aloha.

This new edition is filled with many more fun cultural activities with each character-building activity shared in a fun and inter-active manner through culture, the use of language and the customs of the Hawaiian people. Learn more common Hawaiian words, the correct way to make and present a lei, the names of all of the islands, their locations and colors, volcanoes, and much more.

Page Count 48 pages
Folded Size 11.00" x 8.50" x 0.50"
Binding Softcover
Publish Date September 2019

Lahela Chandler Correa and Ann Hettinger


Michelle Marsh


Aloha Publishing Hawaii
Printed in USA

ISBN 13 978-0-997752-45-8

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