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Hawaiian Sudoku

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Hawaiian Sudoku

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Hawaiian Sudoku Product Description:

Many Sudoku books have become best sellers and are still very popular today. The mass majority of Sudoku books are all the same, they have a square grid. Sudoku creators have been trying to make different variations with only little success. Sudoku addicts have been craving for something new and exciting and here it is—it’s called Hawaiian Sudoku.

Delwyn Higa, the creator of Hawaiian Sudoku, designed this puzzle by taking the opposite approach, technically the opposite of a square is a “circle” and that’s how he designed this puzzle. These puzzles were very creatively constructed in which the circles are formed into objects and animal patterns. How it’s played is—around each and every circle it has to contain the numbers 1-6 with no repeat numbers, an added twist to this puzzle is there are sections throughout the puzzle which goes vertically, horizontally or diagonally that has to contain the numbers 1-6 as well. There are 10 different patterns (of things well known in Hawaii) from Honu’s (turtle) to Volcano’s. Hawaiian Sudoku is by far the most creative Sudoku puzzle out there. Hope you enjoy this new and exciting Sudoku puzzle. Happy puzzling.

Sub Title An Original Twist to the Sudoku You Love
Page Count 160 pages
Publisher Mutual Publishing
Publish Date July 2011
Dimensions 9” x 6” x 0.375"
Author Delwyn Higa
Binding Softcover
ISBN 10 1-56647-948-7
ISBN 13 978-1-56647-948-6

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