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Hūlili -Multidisciplinary Research on Hawaiian Well-Being

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Hūlili -Multidisciplinary Research on Hawaiian Well-Being

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Hūlili -Multidisciplinary Research on Hawaiian Well-Being Product Description:

This special issue provokes readers to think about how macro-level social and historical forces impact the individual lives of everyday Hawaiian people. This volume also adds to the toolbox of ways to uplift the collective lahui of Hawai‘i and the ‘aina that gives us life. The articles and stories gath-ered here contribute to the stirring of more efforts no ka pono o ka lahui.

The cover illustration is a visu-al narrative of the themes within this special edition. The imagery – from birth and death, intergen-erational trauma, aloha ‘aina, and political independence to gender identity, perpetuation of indige-nous knowledge, and decolonizing minds – seeks to showcase our eternal connection to the land and each other, despite the wholesale shift in power that has been wit-nessed in the Hawaiian Islands across the last two hundred years.

Hūlili is a multidisciplinary forum for current research that examines the nature, needs, and strengths of Native Hawaiian families and com-munities. Through collaboration and critique, Hūlili forges new connec-tions and shared insights to mobilize greater Hawaiian well-being.

Page Count 264 pages
9.0" x 9.5"
Noelani Ka‘opua-Goodyear and
Erin Kahunawaika’ala Wright
Publish Date
October 2019

Kamehameha Publishing

Printed in USA


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