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How to Buy and Sell Your Home in Hawai‘i

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How to Buy and Sell Your Home in Hawai‘i

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How to Buy and Sell Your Home in Hawai‘i Product Description:

Everything to Know for a WIN-WIN Result Buying or Selling Your Island House or Condominium

Have you covered all the bases before buying or selling your residence? Using everyday language, How to Buy and Sell Your Home in Hawai‘i provides all the advice and information needed to participate in Hawai‘i’s exciting, challenging—and potentially very profitable—real estate market. Whether a buyer, a seller, or both, here’s how to avoid problems by “doing it right in the first place,” as well as clear-cut, no-nonsense information on how to handle the unexpected.

• Every chapter is packed with legitimate, practical, and usable strategies for winning in Hawai‘i’s increasingly complex—and expensive—residential market.

• Tips on how to make intelligent, educated, financial decisions so the Islands’ pricey homes will fit your budget.

• Concrete, objective information on when to sell and when to hold through economic hard times, personal crises, and life’s natural changes.

Page Count 304 pages
9.0” x 7.0” x 1.0"
Authors Frances Lee Britten
Publish Date
May 2021

Mutual Publishing

Printed in Taiwan


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