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The Hula - A Revised Edition

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The Hula - A Revised Edition

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The Hula - A Revised Edition Product Description:

Hawai`i in the 1970s was a vibrant time; a Hawaiian Renaissance was being led, in part, by the renewed popularity of and interest in the hula as an integral part of Hawaiian culture. The Hula was originally written by Jerry Hopkins in 1978, with assistance from Rebecca Erickson, and it has been a significant narrative on the dance form ever since. Hopkins's book was the first to offer readers a comprehensive history of Hula aimed at a general audience.

Three decades later, The Hula has not been superseded. This reissue of The Hula, revised and edited by the Hawaiian music and Hula expert Amy Stillman, and enhanced by poignant photographs and graphics, makes an overview of hula once again available to new generations of hula dancers and fans alike.

This revised edition of The Hula is a complete reproduction of the originally published and copyrighted work of Apa Productions. All graphics, names, places and references have remained intact as with the original publication. Although the design and display format has changed, Bess Press Inc. has made every attempt to ensure that content has only been changed or modified to reflect current accuracy and factual correctness within the work.

Page Count 200
Publisher Bess Press Inc., Printed in China
Publish Date November 2011
Dimensions 10.25" x 8.5" x 1.00"
Author Jerry Hopkins, Rebecca Erickson and Amy Stillman
Binding Hardcover
ISBN 13 9781573063128

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