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Wordsworth, It’s In Your Pocket!

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Wordsworth, It’s In Your Pocket!

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Wordsworth, It’s In Your Pocket! Product Description:

Oh no! Wordsworth’s friends are all ensnared by their electronic devices! What’s in his pocket thatwill help save them? Wordsworth the Mouse hasn’t seen his friends much this summer. Where have they been? Too busy watching movies on their computers or playing video games. Now, they are hopelessly entangled by cords and cables. A mysterious, elderly mouse tells Wordsworth that the secret to freeing them has been in his pocket all along.

This children’s book, the fourth in the Wordsworth the Poet series by former educator Frances H. Kakugawa, highlights the importance of “IRL” (in real life) experiences like going to the beach and talking face-to-face with friends. An excellent book for families to read together and begin a discussion on instituting a family policy for limiting screentime and making time for creative activities together.

Availability January 2016
Category Children's Books
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Watermark Publishing
Printed in Korea
Publish Date December 2015
Dimensions 9.0” x 8.0” x 0.40”
Author  Frances H. Kakugawa
About the Author Frances H. Kakugawa is a national award-winning author, educator and inspirational speaker who advocates the power of writing to enrich the lives ofchildren, the elderly and those who care of loved ones with long-term disabilities. Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kakugawa is the author of 12 books.
Illustrator Andrew J. Catanzariti
Binding Hardcover
ISBN 13 978-19-3569-077-1

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