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Yes! A Memoir of Modern Hawaii

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Yes! A Memoir of Modern Hawaii

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Yes! A Memoir of Modern Hawaii Product Description:

Politics, business and community interests often collide in modern Hawaii. In a small island state, there is no way to avoid it. One man who stood at the intersection throughout his career is banker Walter Dods Jr. Yes! A Memoir of Modern Hawaii describes many of the steps – and missteps – along the way and concludes with Dods’ observations on the nature of power and ways in which Hawaii’s next generation can find success while staying true to “local values”.

Availability December 2015
Category Book - Biography
Page Count 256 pages
Publisher Legacy Isle Publishing
Printed in USA
Publish Date November 2015
Dimensions 10.0” x 7.0” x 0.7”
Authors Walter Dods Jr. with Gerry Keir and Jerry Burris
About the Author Walter A. Dods Jr. was born in Honolulu just before Pearl Harbor, the first of seven children in a close-knit family that struggled to pay its bills. From those modest beginnings, Dods grew to play a role in the modern history of Hawaii. He helped to sustain a political dynasty through his work for the campaigns of Gov. George Ariyoshi and Sen. Dan Inouye. He built the state’s largest and most successful business, First Hawaiian Bank/BancWest Corporation. His focus on community service and charitable fundraising has helped to support a society too often fractured by the divide between an immigrant, plantation past and the more modern forces of contemporary America.
Binding Softcover
ISBN 13 978-19-3569-076-4

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