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Catholic Churches of Hawai‘i

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Catholic Churches of Hawai‘i

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Catholic Churches of Hawai‘i Product Description:

Catholicism in Hawai‘i encompasses a unique, captivating, and occasionally controversial legacy since its arrival to the Islands nearly two centuries ago. Catholic Churches of Hawai‘i: A Shoal of Faith, provides a thorough and compelling reference to the historical, spiritual, and cultural richness that Catholicism contributed to Hawai‘i’s identity including saints, coral cathedrals, and remote wooden churches.

Here is a complete and fascinating historical introduction on the origins of Catholicism in Hawai‘i, including a brief history of parish churches across the Islands, featuring archival photography and original watercolor artwork, compiled from church archives, newspaper articles, and personal interviews. Ponton and Scharper’s work shares the timeless and timely story of Catholicism in Hawai‘i and is destined to become a classic in the history and role of Catholicism in Hawai‘i.

Page Count 200 pages
9.0" x 7.0” x 0.50"
Evan A. Ponton and Philip H. Scharper Jr.
Publish Date
October 2018

Mutual Publishing
Printed in South Korea


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