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Handy Hawaiian Dictionary

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Handy Hawaiian Dictionary

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Handy Hawaiian Dictionary Product Description:

complete with both a Hawaiian- English/English-Hawaiian listing, is the collaborative work of three leading authorities on the Hawaiian language—Henry P. Judd, Mary Kawena Pukui, and John F. G. Stokes.

Scholarly, accurate and thorough, it is valuable not only to students, cultural professionals, and native speakers, it’s also a great resource for readers who are only interested in learning a few Hawaiian words and phrases.

The Hawaiian language is still a living language in today’s Hawai‘i. Innumerable words from its colorful vocabulary have become thoroughly integrated into everyday life. However much or little you want to learn, this useful work will instruct you faithfully and well.

Sub Title Hawaiian-English and English-Hawaiian
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Mutual Publishing
Publish Date June 2010
Dimensions 7” x 4.25” x 0.75”,
Author Rev. Henry P. Judd, Mrs. Mary Kawena Pukui and John F. G. Stokes
About the Author Rev. Henry P. Judd (B.A., Yale, 1901), born in Hawai‘i, was the author of many publications on early Hawaiian life and Hawaiian grammar.
About the Second Author Mrs. Mary Kawena Pukui authored many papers on Hawaiian folktales and ancient customs, delivered lectures on the subjects, and conducted classes in Hawaiian.
About the Third Author John F. G. Stokes was Curator of Polynesian Ethnology at the Bishop Museum for many years.
UPC 978-1-56647-112-1

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