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Moon Mangoes

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Moon Mangoes

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Moon Mangoes Product Description:

The moon is full and shining on a mango tree heavy with fruit. Beneath its leaves sits a little blue house, and beneath its eaves, sits little Änuenue and her mama. On magical Hawaiian nights such as this, thoughts take flight.

Gazing at the mango tree, Änu asks her mama: “What if I ate up all those mangoes one by one, and I got so full of them that I turned into a mango tree?”

Capturing the spirit of every child’s imagination and combined yearning for and fear of independence, Moon Mangoes explores the “what if” back-andforth exchange between child and parent, and captures that magical before-bedtime hour when anything is possible and love is constant.

Page Count 36 pages
Publisher BeachHouse Publishing
Publish Date September 2011
Dimensions 11” x 8.5” x 0.5”
Author Lindy Shapiro, Illustrated by Kathleen Peterson
About the Author Lindy Shapiro is an educator who’s been sharing stories with children for many years.
About the Second Author Kathleen Peterson has illustrated over 20 books. She is the founding director of the Central Utah Art Center and displays her landscape paintings in galleries
ISBN 10 1-933067-42-X
ISBN 13 978-1-933067-42-1

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