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Instant Hawaiian (New Revised Edition)

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Instant Hawaiian (New Revised Edition)

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Instant Hawaiian (New Revised Edition) Product Description:

Now in its 45th printing with over 500,000 copies sold! Most people think the Hawaiian language is a primitive kind of communication that can express only a few primary ideas. Far from it! The most definitive Hawaiian Dictionary contains over 26,000 entries, including many unique terms which reflect the picturesque history, culture and geography of Hawaii.

Hence, this Instant Hawaiian word guide is by no means a complete vocabulary. It is, rather, an introduction to terms, in common usage by seasoned residents of Hawaii to help you recognize – both by sight and sound – key expressions which are apt to occur most frequently during everyday conversations in the 50th State.

• Easy guide to pronunciation

• Key words and colorful phrases

• Find your Hawaiian name

Instant Hawaiian has been selected by the Hawaii State Tourism Training Council to educate and certify professional guides and tour drivers in the Hawaiian Islands.

Page Count 48 pages
Publisher Boom Enterprises, Printed in USA
Publish Date October 2012
Dimensions 6.0" x 4.1" x 0.15"
Author Jack Christensen, co-edited by Kalani Meinecke and Robert Boom
Binding Softcover
ISBN 13 9780933978010

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